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Microsoft: 360 can be this generations PS2

Top Microsoft exec Jeff Bell has revealed that the format holder plans to make Xbox 360 ‘this generation’s PS2′.

Bell, corporate VP of global marketing for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, also said he was hopeful that 360 would become popular with Wii owners who had ‘graduated’ above Nintendo’s console.

Speaking to 1Up about how Microsoft saw 360 in comparison to Nintendo’s Wii, Bell said:

We very much are positioning ourselves to be the choice console of this generation, much like the PS2 was in the last generation.

"[That’s] Great value for money from a price standpoint, all of the games that you want to play, a huge variety of games, and now, not only a DVD, but the ability with Xbox Live to have great community relationships, as well as downloadable television shows and movies – not only here, but around the world.

We’re positioning ourselves to be ready if, in fact, gamers find they’re ready to graduate from a certain experience potentially with the Wii, either because it’s limited on the type of gameplay that’s available or the technology in that box.”

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