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Microsoft announces Ninja Blade

As part of its Japanese press conference in which

it was revealed that Xbox 360 hardware would be receiving a significant price cut in Japan

, Microsoft has also lifted the lid on a brand new ninja title from Japanese developers From Software – entitled Ninja Blade.

A half-minute trailer showed seemingly pre-rendered action from the game, which is set in modern day Tokyo, and is undoubtedly more than slightly reminiscent of Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden series.

From Software is best known for its popular Armored Core series, though other titles under its belt include stealth series Tenchu, survival horror brand Echo Night, Xbox slasher Otogi, multiplayer mech outing Chromehounds and next-gen RPG Enchanted Arms.

Ninja Blade is due for release in Japan in 2009, though there’s no word yet on a release in Western territories.

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