Microsoft calls for patience over Xbox One shortages

Xbox marketing boss Harvey Eagle has asked UK stores to be ‘patient’ over Xbox One supply shortages.

Various indie stores have contacted MCV over a lack of Xbox One stock for launch. Microsoft acknowledges there are shortages, but says it hopes to get to a free supply situation at some point in the future.

There are challenges for things like supply, which is typical for a new platform launch,” admitted Eagle.

So that means we are not always about to give our trade partners exactly what they ask for us. But we ask for patience, our excellent operations team is working as hard as they can to meet that demand.

I am confident at one stage in the future we will get to a free supply situation, so I ask for patience until we get to that point.

But we are incredibly excited about launch and we hope that they are, too, because it is not only a great opportunity for us, but hopefully they see it as an opportunity for them as well.”

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