And in exclusive Q&A Guy Whitmore reveals new deal with Wave Arts to bring its pro-audio plugins to 360

Microsoft Game Studios’ audio guru discusses the future of sound in games development

Our intrepid audio specialist John Broomhall has just posted up his latest ‘Heard About’ column – this month quizzing Microsoft Game Studios’ audio director Guy Whitmore about the future of audio in 360 and PC.

In the piece, Broomhall asks Whitmore about the future, evolution and proliferation of real-time digital signal processing for audio in games, looking at how Microsoft is pushing ahead with games such as Fable 2.

Whitmore also reveals that Microsoft is currently in the midst of forging a deal with Wave Arts to improve the level of support offered to DSP functions when designing audio for 360 and PC games.

Commented Whitmore: "We’re currently finalizing a multi-DSP, multi-license deal with Wave Arts, who are converting some of their existing pro-audio DSPs and formatting them to work on the XBOX360 and PC in the XAPO format (part of the XAudio2 specification). The great thing is that one deal like this allows a small company to do the initial legwork to make their products game-friendly – and then they’re free to license to other developers and publishers."

The full Q&A can be read here.

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