MICROSOFT: Ion, the new game from DayZ creator Dean Hall, is coming first to Xbox One

DayZ creator Dean Hall is going beyond Earth with his new game.

Appearing on stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Hall outlined a title built upon emergent gameplay, rather than scripted events and characters.

"I want a game that is not a game, I want a game that is a universe," said Hall, introducing the title. "Not built on scripts and quests, but on the laws of physics, biology and chemistry.

"We are the architects of this universe, but you, the players, will govern its destiny."

A brief teaser trailer showed a space shuttle and drifting astronaut, revealing the game’s title – Ion.

As well as coming to Xbox One first, Ion was also confirmed for release on PC.

It will additionally be coming to Xbox’s brand new service, Xbox Game Preview, which was similarly revealed during the briefing.

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