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Microsoft pulling games from XBLA

Microsoft has rebooted its Xbox Live Arcade strategy, with a number of changes on the way intended to improve the service – although it’s not yet clear how welcome to the moves third-party developers will be.

On a Q&A with Next-Gen.biz, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has revealed that as well as increasing the file size limit to 350MB and introducing a new, higher 1600 Microsoft Point price-tier, it is "delisting older underperforming titles in order to keep the service focused on a section of high quality games".

The firm is also "going to be putting our money where our mouth is here and are launching a new fully funded first party studio which will be focused on high quality digital content creation".

Whitten described the moves as "a series of new policies along with a new internal approach and investment in the Xbox Live Arcade business going forward".

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