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Microsoft: We wont scrap Live Gold fees

Microsoft revealed that

it would be scrapping charges for Games for Windows Live

at Gamefest 08 last week – but has confirmed to MCV that it won’t be doing the same for Xbox 360 service.

The Games for Windows fees, introduced last year, are now being waived as part of a major revamp of the system in what Chris Satchell, CTO of Microsoft’s Entertainment devices division, described as a way to improve Windows gaming.”

However, the company confirmed that the fee scrapping will not be extended to Xbox Live Gold memberships, which currently cost gamers 39.99 per year.

A Microsoft spokesman explained to MCV: For only a few pounds a month Xbox Live Gold members already get access to the best online gaming network in the industry, the ability to play and watch countless demos and trailers before the rest of the gaming community, and video chat and messaging.

With the new Xbox experience coming this Fall, we plan to give even more reasons why Xbox Live Gold is the best bargain in the industry."

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