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Midway has shown off long-awaited PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 release Wheelman (formerly The Wheelman) at its annual Gamers’ Day in Las Vegas.

The movie adaptation, which stars the voice and likeness of action hero Vin Diesel, has been given an autumn release date by the publisher.

Speaking at the event, executive producer of Midway Newcastle Shaun Himmerick, said the team behind the game had worked hard to make it particularly movie-like”, drawing influence smash hit films such as Ronin and The Bourne Identity.

Gamers play as profession getaway driver Milo Burik (Diesel) as they complete missions in a digital Barcelona – created with Epic’s Unreal Engine.

Himmerick said he wants the game to provide the ultimate car chase”.

Consumer press journalists – who got to get hands-on with the title at the event – have drawn parallels with the likes of GTA and Burnout.

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