Developers can now manually alter meshes to fit their needs

Mixamo adds new character customisation options to Fuse

Mixamo has added new, more advanced 3D character customisation features to its Fuse tool.

The software comes with ready-made clothing meshes, body parts, rigs and textures that can be stitched together to create a full character model.

The new feature enables developers to alter assets by clicking on a mesh and manually dragging it in a particular direction to change the shape. This can be done with meshes already included with the tool or to content imported by the user.

Increased character customisation options will go live in Fuse next week, and will be available free to owners of the tool and All Access subscribers.

“Fuse democratises 3D character creation by providing an open content system to artists, game modders and others for creating high-quality 3D characters in minutes, rather than hours or days,” said Mixamo CEO Stefano Corazza.

“Without losing its simplicity, this release makes Fuse an even more flexible content creation tool."

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