Separate Oculus Rift version still in the works, studio confirms

Mojang brings Minecraft to Gear VR

One of the biggest games of all time is now available in virtual reality.

Mojang has ported its brick-building blockbuster Minecraft to the Samsung Gear VR, the mobile headset powered by handsets such as certain Galaxy and Note models.

Almost a direct translation of the existing Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, the VR Edition is priced equally and features cross-platform multiplayer. The title requires a Bluetooth controller to play inside the headset.

“If you have the Samsung S6 or the snazzy new S7, the screen resolution is pretty fabulous – so you won’t be easily distracted by the pixels,” writer Marsh Davies explained on the Mojang blog.

“Older phone models might not run the game quite as well in true stereo or with as high a draw distance, but it’s always amazing to plug yourself into the world of Minecraft without any cables tethering you to a PC

“We’ve thought hard about this and made loads of tiny tweaks to bring Minecraft to VR, like letting you turn the camera in snappy increments. It’s a bit surprising at first but quickly feels normal and is a lot easier on the brain.”

Davies added that the already announced version of Minecraft for Oculus Rift is still being developed, with the Gear VR version launching separately on the Oculus Store. Samsung’s mobile headset was co-created by the virtual reality firm.

Mojang has also launched a new website dedicated to explaining the changes made to the game to work in VR, including tweaks to turning, new controls (such as head steering) and the introduction of a virtual living room.

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