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MGS Europe creative director takes part in Developâ??s weekend FAQ

Molyneux hails Valve and Pink Floyd

Peter Molyneux plays games for a least an hour each day, says Half-Life 2 is his favourite game ever, and thinks the game industry needs to invest more in planning and prototyping.

It’s all revealed in this week’s Develop FAQ feature, which asks celebrated industry figures a set of quick-fire questions and publishes the response every Friday.

Throughout his FAQ, the MGS Europe Creative Director made known his huge admiration for Washington-based indies Valve, revealing that if he could have worked on any game in history, it would have been the 2004 epic Half-Life 2.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, Molyneux says his favourite album is Dark Side of the Moon, putting him at odds with fellow UK maestro David Braben, who said in a previous FAQ that he prefers Pink Floyd’s other landmark LP, The Wall.

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