More claims that Microsoft will announce a new Xbox at E3

It’s looking more certain than ever that a new Xbox will be revealed at E3 in June.

Established Microsoft source Paul Thurrot has now thrown his hat into the ring by stating that Microsoft will reveal some sort of new hardware at the show. The question, however, is whether the device will be simply some sort of Slim upgrade to the existing hardware or something more substantial.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously played down reports that his company will go down the same route as its competitor and usher in a mid-generation refresh, as Sony is expected to do with the PS4 Neo.

However, plenty of signs point to a new Xbox of sorts, including a recent FCC filing for two new Xbox hardware SKUs. And AMD has also more or less confirmed a trio of new machines are in the works from unspecified console manufacturers.

Adding fuel to the fire, yesterday images pertaining to be of production details for what was called the ‘Xbox One II’ appeared online, which seemingly entered production back in February.

Nintendo, remember, will not be showing off the NX at the LA showcase.

Thurrot also reckons that Microsoft will reveal a new Xbox One controller at E3 and expand upon its Xbox One and PC cross-compatibility.

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