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Motion control ‘the future’ of FPS

The arrival of Killzone 3 on February 25th marks a big step forward for traditional console gaming and motion controllers. In fact, Guerilla Games believes that it could be the beginning of a new future for the first person shooter genre.

"I think, as this develops, in a few years most of the first-person-shooters will be played like this," Killzone 3’s principal programmer Tommy de Roos told CVG.

"I really think so. Maybe not the Move specifically but a pointing controller like this."

De Roos believes that consumer attitude towards motion control, which for years has been shaped by the accessible titles typical of Nintendo’s Wii, is changing.

"I think [gamers are] opening up to it," he added. "At the beginning there was a lot of reluctance but I know that a few of them picked it up, they tried it and they were actually quite surprised at how well it worked and the extra dimension it gives you.

"You lose some of the accuracy when rotating, that becomes more difficult. But you make up for that by being able to point anywhere on the screen and send your bullets flying there. So it’s a trade-off and a lot of hardcore gamers are seeing that and actually some of them are starting to prefer playing with the Move."

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