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Nadella says Microsoft achieves gender pay equality

The difference between male and female salaries at Microsoft is just half a per cent on a global basis, CEO Satya Nadella has said.

The number comes as the exec continues his charm offensive in the wake of comments made earlier this month when he advised women that not asking for pay increases was a super power”.

GameSpot reports that the game within Microsoft US is even narrower, with women earning 99.7 per cent as much as the men.

However, Nadella concedes that more work must be done to close the ethnic gap.

"The real issue is do we have enough people of different ethnicity and women in those levels?” he said. Do we have them in our corporate vice president ranks? Are we promoting them as vigorously as we are?"

The company’s goal, he argues, is "equal pay for equal work" and "equal opportunity for equal work".

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