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343 Industries vacancies point to Reach, though Halo 4 is a real possibility

Natal and Halo cited in new wave of MS vacancies

Microsoft Game Studios has begun accelerating its workforce expansion as the Xbox 360 approaches mid-cycle, with the firm posting new Natal and Halo-related staff vacancies on its jobs page.

Eight separate listings reveal that Microsoft aims to ramp up its efforts on Halo-related projects. The firm is looking for senior development manager for a “343 Industries Halo Job”, as well as related animation and AI directors, and a new development manager at MGS, among others.

Numerous news sites are speculating that the Halo jobs are related to the Halo: Reach project, though that title is underway at Bungie Studios, and this may be the first sign of a post-Reach project such as the inevitable Halo 4.

Meanwhile, seven new Natal-based vacancies come just two months after Microsoft posted over ten vacancies related to the hands-free peripheral, though it is unclear whether the new vacancies are re-postings.

The new Natal vacancies are now, however, stating that the related job is for "a large franchise”.

Independent developer Bungie Studios talked up the idea of a Natal-powered Halo game back in June.

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