World of Love conference to bring together UK indie studios

New dev event taking place at Channel 4

World of Love, a new conference for independent game developers, will take place on Friday June the 25th, 2010, at Channel 4 headquarters in London.

Confirmed speakers for the event include developer Terry Cavanagh, Sean Murray from Hello Games, creator of Rolando Simon Oliver, and experimental developer Stephen Lavelle.

World of Love will host discussions of the most important issues to indie developers today, such as technology, effective marketing, publishing routes, and above all, game design.

"We had a really good showing of developers both times we’ve done the Indie Games arcade with Eurogamer, and last time when we did Show & Yell for developers to demonstrate their games and discuss issues they face, the turnout was phenomenal," said event organiser David Hayward.

"What really struck me was the sense of community in the room. Even with a few disagreements, the support and respect all of these developers were willing to extend to each other was incredible," he added.

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