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New online course by Interior Night founder will teach you storytelling for games

Not content with founding a new studio that seeks to revolutionise games narrative, Caroline Marchal is working with TV writer John Yorke to create a new online course aimed at narrative game designers. The Story for Video Games course is now accepting bookings and takes place over seven weeks, starting from April 16th.

Ideally participants will be able to dedicate four to five hours per week on the course, which will include podcasts and videos from the tutors as well as guided group discussions and writing prompts. By the end you’ll have a story treatment for a game, along with feedback from both Marchal and Yorke.

“The vast majority of games, regardless of their genre, are based on some kind of story. They all need meaning and context. As a writer you need to master not only the fundamental principles of great narrative – but also the specific techniques that adapt that knowledge to games,” says Interior Night founder Caroline Marchal.

You can find full details on the course, including the weekly curriculum and an introductory video from Marchal and Yorke. It looks like a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in upping their narrative game, even if the £1500 price tag may put it out of reach for some indie developers. 

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