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New tech to target Xbox Live potty-mouths

Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has reportedly filed a patent for a new type of audio filter that can detect and scramble abusive language muttered by online gamers in real-time.

Anyone familiar with Xbox Live will all too used to some of the foul language used by many gamers, which has been criticised for often targeting racial minorities and homosexuals.

Edge Online reports that US Patent 7,437,290 describes a software filter the recognises key words and renders them unintelligible or inaudible” before they are transmitted in-game.

The patent reads: Either other participants in the online game or spectators who are observing and/or listening to the participants’ interaction should not be exposed to such undesired language.”

As well as Xbox Live, the patent also suggests that the technology could be employed in all manner of situations, including radio and TV broadcasts.

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