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New UK 360 bundles revealed

UK distributior Gem is readying two new Xbox 360 Elite bundles, MCV can reveal.

The new bundles have been put together with Paramount Pictures to support the upcoming releases of Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on DVD.

However the packs don’t include the movies on DVD – the films are instead provided on USB, and bundled with the Elite consoles.

The details were originally published in Gem Distribution’s The Future supplement, published with this week’s MCV.

The Star Trek bundle includes the Elite console, plus the movie on a themed USB stick with the movie on it as well, 800 MS Points – described ‘to download Star Trek PDLC’, presumably the XBLA game from Paramount – and an extra controller.

Meanwhile the Transformers bundle includes an Elite, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on a themed USB stick, the latest Transformers game and extra controller.

The bundles are a special offer being put together by Gem and Paramount.

Pricing is not yet known, nor is the exact release date or price. it is assumed the packs will appear once the respective movies’ DVDs are released, which are November 16th for Star Trek and November 30th for Transformers.

MCV understands that Gem and Paramount will be making an official announcement of the bundles shortly, and that details of which retailers will offer the packs is still to be decided. A representative from the distributor said the packs might end up as a special offer available only through indie retailers.

Story updated at 14.44 on 29/10/09 to clarify Gem’s involvement in the bundles, not Microsoft

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