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New voices back GTAIV April 25th release

Late last year MCV

broke the news

that Rockstar is planning to release possibly the biggest next-gen game to date, Grand Theft Auto IV, on April 25th – and now further evidence has emerged to back the claims.

UK consumer site Spong highlights information on US stock website Tradingmarkets that again claims that the game will not arrive in March as has been previously claimed, and will indeed be shipped the following month.

The website also goes on to claim that a further third-party source has confirmed April 25th as the release date – which, uncoincidentally, is the final day of Take 2’s fiscal fourth quarter.

Online retailer listings still provide mixed information at present. GAME lists the PS3 version for release on April 25th, but claims the Xbox 360 version will arrive at the beginning of the month. Elsewhere, Amazon.com claims the game will arrive on April 30th.

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