Asda slashes ANOTHER £50 off the price of Wii U

Ben Parfitt
Asda slashes ANOTHER £50 off the price of Wii U

How low will retail go in an effort to shift its Wii U stock?

Having slashed £50 off the price of both the Wii U Basic and Premium SKUs back in March, retailer Asda has now cut ANOTHER £50 off the machine’s shelf price.

That means consumers can now buy a brand new Wii U Basic 8GB for just £149 or a Wii U 32GB Premium for £200.

That’s a saving of £100 over the launch prices seen back in November.

Asda’s decision to shave yet more off the console’s price suggests that it’s struggling to shift it – and if that’s the case, will it look to restock the console if it manages to sell its existing stock?

The Wii U has suffered an historically bad performance in some regions, with Nintendo admitting recently that it has sold just 3.45m Wii U’s since its launch last November.


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