Backlash as EA hikes PC game prices by over 100% in India

Sameer Desai
Backlash as EA hikes PC game prices by over 100% in India

Indian PC gamers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to air their discontent at the rising prices of EA’s PC games.

It was revealed earlier this week that FIFA 14 on PC will be priced 66 per cent higher on PC than the launch price of FIFA 13. On PS3 the increase is less severe – just 16 per cent.

The price increases for Battlefield and Need for Speed are even harder to stomach. Battlefield 4 on PC will be more than twice the price (133 per cent to be precise) that Battlefield 3 was launched at, and the same is the case for Need for Speed: Rivals over last year’s Most Wanted. On console, once again, the increase is just 16% for both games.

Using the #EAPCIndia hashtag, designed to give Indian gamers a single platform to make themselves heard on the issue, gamers continue to share their opinions on the matter. While some question the reasoning behind the dramatic hike, others see it as a move that will push most PC gamers back towards piracy.'s sister site MCV India has a lot more on this developing story.


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