God of War: Ascension to star in next round of GAME Lock-Ins

Ben Parfitt
God of War: Ascension to star in next round of GAME Lock-Ins

Retailer GAME has announced a fresh series of store Lock-Ins, this time in conjunction with partner Sony PlayStation.

GAME debuted the idea last month, teaming up with EA to allow customers an early look at Dead Space 3.

These new events will take place in 48 stores beginning tomorrow and will this time offer an exclusive hands-on look at upcoming PS3 title God of War: Ascension.

Attendees will also be able to pick up a Kratos/Sackboy keyring, while those who have already pre-ordered the game will be given a free piece of multiplayer DLC.

“God of War is one of the most highly acclaimed franchises on PS3, blending edge-of-your-seat combat with Greek mythology, and Ascension is shaping up to be the most action-packed chapter yet,” GAME’s store director Dave Howard stated.

“We are proud to partner with Sony for our biggest series of lock-ins to date, ensuring as many UK gamers as possible can take part in these exciting community events.”

Here’s the full list of Lock-Ins:

7-Feb  Stratford-upon-Avon  7-9pm
8-Feb  Cambridge  6-8pm
9-Feb  Liverpool Lord Street  10am-7pm
9-Feb  Bristol Cribbs Causeway  8:30-10:30pm
11-Feb  Glasgow Union Street  6-8pm
12-Feb  Peterborough  8-10pm
13-Feb  Colchester  6-8pm
13-Feb  Camden  7-9pm
13-Feb  Derby 6-8pm
14-Feb  Ealing  7-9pm
14-Feb  Redditch  7-9pm
15-Feb  Portsmouth  7-9pm
15-Feb  Livingston  5-8pm
17-Feb  Manchester Trafford  6-8pm
17-Feb  Bullring  6-8pm
17-Feb  Stratford Westfield  7-9pm
18-Feb  Hanley  7-9pm
19-Feb  Walsall  7-9pm
19-Feb  Stockport  7-9pm
19-Feb  Hereford  7-9pm
20-Feb  Silverburn  6-8pm
20-Feb  Cheshire Oaks  8-10pm
21-Feb  Milton Keynes  8-10pm
21-Feb  Barnsley  6-8pm
22-Feb  Derby  6-8pm
22-Feb  Plymouth  6-8pm
22-Feb  Sheffield Fargate  6-8pm
23-Feb  Teeside Park 7:30-9:30
24-Feb  Lewisham  6-8pm
25-Feb  Basingstoke  7:30-9:30
25-Feb  Cheltenham  7-9pm
26-Feb  Telford  7-9pm
26-Feb  York Monks Cross  8:30-10:30pm
27-Feb  Morfa  8-10pm
27-Feb  Hammersmith  6-8pm
27-Feb  Kidderminster  7-9pm
28-Feb  Solihull  6-8pm
28-Feb  Ipswich  6-8pm
28-Feb  Hull Prospect  7-9pm
1-Mar  Southend  7-9pm
2-Mar  Bournemouth Castle Point  7-9pm
3-Mar  Nuneaton  4-6pm
3-Mar  Bolton  5-7pm
4-Mar  Norwich  7-9pm
4-Mar  Northfield  7-9pm
5-Mar  Nottingham  6-8pm
5-Mar  Staines  7:30-9:30pm
6-Mar  Cardiff  8-10pm
9-Mar  Manchester Denton  8-10pm


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