MCV India Weekly Wrap-Up

Sameer Desai
MCV India Weekly Wrap-Up

The biggest talking point in India this week has been rising game prices, thanks to the rapidly free-falling Indian Rupee in comparison to the Dollar, and in the case of EA, thanks to its global strategies.

EA has decided to hike PC game prices in India by anywhere from 66% to 133% in order bring prices in line with global Origin prices i.e. $60. Prices of other PC games, meanwhile, have been tentatively raised by a lesser degree from the usual Rs 999 price point, again with the rising Dollar in mind.

Console prices aren’t spared either. EA’s PS3 games have received a Rs 500 bump up to Rs 3,499, while games like GTA5, Watch Dogs, and Batman: Arkham Origins are tentatively up to Rs 2,999.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of this week’s stories from’s sister site, MCV India:

  • EA announces massive price hikes for PC games – The publisher will now charge up to 133% more for its PC games in India over last year’s prices. FULL STORY
  • Indian gamers react to EA PC price hike with #EAPCIndia campaign – PC gamers have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns over the dramatic price hike, and the campaign is picking up quite a bit of steam. FULL STORY
  • Retailers increase Grand Theft Auto 5 price – Flipkart and other stores have tentatively raised the price of GTA 5 across the standard and special editions in view of the rising US Dollar. FULL STORY
  • Is India now a 'Tier 3' launch country for Xbox One? – With Japan, a ‘Tier 2’ launch country for the Xbox One, set to receive the console in early 2014, where does it leave India, and what does it say about Microsoft’s plans for this market? FULL STORY
  • Street Cricket developer Trine Entertainment planning IPO – Unconfirmed reports suggest the studio is looking to go public in order to fund its publishing ambitions and expansion onto new platforms. FULL STORY
  • Hidden Shadows: Zynga India's first game is out now – Zynga India has released its first title, a hidden object game for Facebook that’s also headed to tablets soon. FULL STORY

Head over to MCV India for more of this week’s stories.

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