Now Amazon cuts Wii U price

Christopher Dring
Now Amazon cuts Wii U price

Following Asda's aggressive price cut on Wii U last week, Amazon has followed suit.

The firm is selling the 32GB Premium set for £199.00 and the Basic set for just £149.00. In-line with the price activity at Asda.

The price activity has been causing a slight uptick in Wii U sales, but not a significant boost. This suggests that the real reason behind Wii U's poor performance is more closely linked to a lack of awareness and a lack of software.

Nintendo has a few games launching over the coming weeks, including Pikmin 3, which retailers hope will cause an improvement in sales.

Nintendo has repeatedly promised to be more direct in educating consumers with its marketing and improve the software line-up, and this Christmas it is launching games in the Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong franchises. It will prove to be a crucial Christmas for Wii U.


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