Redbox rentals driving games sales - report

Erik Johnson
Redbox rentals driving games sales - report

Movie and video game rental kiosk company Redbox is bringing in notable revenue for the video games industry through converting rentals to purchases, a new report has uncovered.

A piece on [A]ListDaily reveals a significant conversion rate of Redbox customers purchasing games they rent first.

“We’re engaging consumers beyond the hardcore gaming audience,” said Ryan Calnan, director of video games at Redbox. “There’s a large group of recreational gamers that are bringing incremental sales to gaming.”

“Through internal studies of our customers through surveys, 50% said they wouldn’t buy a game unless they could try it first,” said Calnan. “We have a 20% to 50% conversion rate of purchasing the games they rent first.”

Research found that recreational gamers are the average age of 34-years-old, and spend about six hours a week playing games. More than 58 per cent of the demographic have kids, and make roughly $61,000 a year.


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