Retail reports low interest in Wii Mini

Ben Parfitt
Retail reports low interest in Wii Mini

The Wii Mini has attracted little interest at UK retail, one site has claimed.

TechRadar reports that one of retailer GAME’s “flagship” stores is not even stocking the machine, and when asked what the interest levels were like responded: "We've pretty much had nothing. None at all."

Fellow retailer HMV is not stocking the machine either, although considering its current predicament that could theoretically be due to reasons other than lack of demand.

However, in Wii Mini’s defence it should be said that it’s not the sort of machine that you’d expect to launch strongly and tail away.

The fact that it is lower-spec than the existing Wii means that avid gamers will likely avoid it – that is, if they don’t have a Wii already. Plus at £79.99 the machine is very much in impulse-buy territory. A pick-up as we enter the Easter school break at the end of the week is entirely possible.

What Nintendo will be more concerned about, however, are sales of the Wii U.

HMV’s aggressive £199.99 promotional price for the machine could give it a sorely needed shot in the arm – although anecdotal reports of low stock in stores do dampen those hopes somewhat.


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