Triple-A dev model ‘no longer appealing’

Ben Parfitt
Triple-A dev model ‘no longer appealing’

Speaking to MCV sister site, the business development director of Strawdog Studios Dan Marchant has stated that the triple-A games development model is not as appealing to the wider development industry as it once was.

“I am sure the idea of developing a triple-A game is appealing to many developers but I am not sure the business model is particularly appealing any more,” Marchant stated.

“The size of budgets needed mean that the publisher will expect to own your game (and possibly a chunk of your studio too) and the deals are skewed in favour of the publisher so they pocket the lions share of the profits.

“I am sure that there will continue to be studios who want to work on those projects but there are also a growing number who want the creative and business freedom that smaller self-published digital titles bring.”

There’s plenty more in the full interview over on


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