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Nike football ad contains hidden playable 2D Sonic game!

Sega and Nike have teamed up for one of the cleverer bits of video games cross promotion MCV has seen in a while.

The TV short, called My Time Is Now, was aired during Chelsea’s famous Champions League victory over Bayern Munich in Germany on Saturday night. It features a plethora of the sport’s biggest names including Ronaldo, Snejder, Neymar, Pique, Blanc, Wilshere, Van Der Vaart, Ozil and Ribery.

View the video online, however, and a tasty little extra awaits the eagle-eyed.

Look out for the appearance of a large white and red Nike football boot on the advertising hoardings around of the way through the video. If you’re quick enough to click on that then a special mini-game called Sonic x Vapor appears.

The game is an endless runner set in the classic Green Hill level of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, except with the added addition of Nike Mercurial boot sponsorship.

Indeed, Sonic’s custom sprite for the game is wearing a pair himself.

Try out the game for yourself here.

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