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WiiWare Week: Nine games available when digital distribution channel arrives at the end of the month

Nintendo Japan gears up for March 25th WiiWare launch

Nintendo of Japan has revealed the launch line-up for the country’s introduction of WiiWare.

Games spun from staple franchises Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Mario will be available from the launch day, which is March 25th, along with a number of shorter casual games.

Nintendo has also clarified the price ranges of WiiWare games, with games coming in at a variety of prices from 500 WiiPoints (just under £4) to 1,500 (just over £10).

The launch games are:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King – 1500 WiiPoints
Dr Mario – 1000 WiiPoints
Pokemon Ranch Channel – 1000 WiiPoints
Lonpos – 1000 WiiPoints
Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan – 1000 WiiPoints
Saku Saku Animal Panic – 1000 WiiPoints
Star Soldier R – 800 WiiPoints
Okiraku Ping Pong – 500 WiiPoints
Angels Solitaire – 500 WiiPoints

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