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Nintendo plans Mario Kart 8-level marketing push for its new shooter IP Splatoon

Nintendo is preparing a marketing campaign for new IP Splatoon that will rival last year’s Mario Kart 8.

That’s according to Nintendo UK marketing manager Chandra Nair, who says that the firm is confident in its colourful new shooter.

The platform holder is already pushing Splatoon with digital billboards, cinema ads ahead of Tomorrowland (for kids) and Mad Max (for adults), sponsorship of Cartoon Network, and a digital campaign that started in April. The firm is even opening a Splatoon-themed skatepark in Corby.

Last year Nintendo held a six-month long campaign for Mario Kart 8, from its launch in May 2014 right until the end of the year.

We have a substantial campaign planned for Splatoon. To give you an idea of the scale, we’re matching Mario Kart 8 – that’s the potential we think Splatoon has,” Nair told MCV.

We have the utmost confidence in the potential of Splatoon. It gives retailers a fantastic art style that stands out in-store or on-screen and it also offers various up-sell opportunities with the accompanying Amiibo. It’s a really interesting game for us because it allows us to expand out to a group of people who may never have considered Wii U before.”

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