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Nintendo sets date for everything Switch

We’re one step closer to having all our questions about the Nintendo Switch answered, one very small step.

Nintendo has announced today that it will unveilthe release date, launch lineup (and hopefully lots more) in the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. The clue is in the name, with the event occurring on January 13th 2017.

That means Nintendo is playing its cards pretty close to its dungaree-clad chest. With the launch also reconfirmed as coming in March 2017, that only leaves a couple of scant months between this event and the console going on sale. We’d expect a number of leaks to occur before January, though, as numerous third-party developers must now be rushing to complete titles before the launch.

The event is a live presentation from Tokyo, with the US press release describing it as: ‘an event for invited media, financial analysts and trade partners in Tokyo that will be globally livestreamed.’ Due to time differences the stream will take place on January the 12th in the US, which likely means an early-morning event for us here in the UK, the exact times will be announced in the coming weeks.

Nintendo stated that press and partners hands-on events for the new device would also take place in Europe and the US ‘at later dates’. With public hands-on events happening around the same time.

The Nintendo Switch was initially announced last week via a short video. MCV recently talked to UK retail about its initial reaction to the Switch reveal.

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