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Lifetime sales for console sit at 3.91m nearly a year after launch

Nintendo sold just 460,000 Wii Us in last six months

Nintendo sold just 460,000 Wii U consoles during the six months ending September 30th.

Lifetime sales for the console, released in November 2012 , now stand at 3.91m.

Softeware sales for the past six months, backed by the release of Pikmin 3, reached 6.3 million.

Nintendo admitted the Wii U was still having a "negative impact" on the company’s profits. The firm noted that price cuts in the US and Europe in particular hurt revenues.

Wii software sales more than doubled that of the Wii U at 14.9 million, while hardware for Wii were slightly better than the Wii U, with 470,000 sold.

The console outfit was positive about 3DS sales, reaching 3.89m in hardware sales and 27.38m from software.

Overall, net sales for Nintendo were down slightly year-on-year to £1.2bn.

Net income improved significantly from the same period last year however at £3.8m, compared to the £177m loss reported in the six months ending September 30th 2012.

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