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Nintendo theme park will be called Super Nintendo World

The Japanese version of Universal Studios’ new Nintendo attraction will be Super Nintendo World.

The title was confirmed by Nintendo of America, as was the fact that the Osaka venue will be the first to open. Whether the Hollywood and Orlando parks will carry the same name has not yet been confirmed.

The concept art released sees Mario and Luigi taking centre stage, although Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad can also be seen in the art, as can some Goombas, Koopa Troopas and a Bowser castle.

Imagine the fun of stepping into a larger-than-life Nintendo adventure. Gigantic Piranha Plants spring to life. Question blocks, power-ups and more surround you. And Mario and all his friends are there to pull you into a brand-new world,” Nintendo said when the plans were announced last month.

You will enter an entire realm filled with iconic Nintendo excitement, gameplay, heroes and villains. All of the adventure, fun and whimsy you experience through a screen will now be all around you – in breathtakingly authentic ways.”

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