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Nintendo UK veteran James Honeywell departs after 21 years

Popular Nintendo UK marketing boss James Honeywell has left Nintendo after more than two decades at the platform holder.

He joined the company around the launch of Donkey Kong Country in the company’s customer service department, but his knowledge and love for Nintendo games caught the attention of higher ups, who repeatedly sought his advice on business matters.

He progressed upwards through the company and even worked with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Ant and Dec as part of the Wii and DS’ marketing campaigns.

He was part of the UK team that dominated the games industry between 2005 and 2010, including Rob Lowe, Dawn Paine, Shelly Pearce, Rob Saunders and David Yarnton.

He picked up the MCV Award for Unsung Hero last year (check out his winner’s video below) and after the show he said that Working for Nintendo was my dream. Constant innovations in hardware and working on some of the best games ever created have made every day rewarding.”

Honeywell is currently taking a break, but intends to return to video games shortly. He is currently available for consultancy.

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