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‘Nintendo was dead to EA very quickly’ after Wii U launch, source claims

An anonymous source has supposedly told one website that EA’s relationship with Nintendo was crippled shortly after the launch of Wii U.

"Nintendo was dead to us very quickly," an ‘EA source’ told CVG when asked about the publisher’s sudden change of heart following Wii U’s arrival.

"It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises".

The publisher had FIFA, Madden, Need for Speed and Mass Effect ready for the system’s launch but has since seemingly abandoned the system, despite protestations to the contrary.

However, all the positive PR noises in the world can’t mask the fact that none of EA’s future titles are currently earmarked for Nintendo’s struggling machine.

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