No bundle plans for Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo has no intention of replacing Wii Sports with Wii Sports Resort in the standard Wii bundle.

Speaking to Toronto Thumbs, Nintendo of Canada’s senior supervisor of communication and advertising said: The long-term plan is difficult to say, but I can tell you there are no plans to make Wii Sports Resort what is packed in with the Wii Purchase. What is in the Wii box will remain the same.”

He described the original Wii Sports as an out-of-the-box experience” designed to show consumers what the Wii can do, whereas Wii Sports Resort has been built as a more comprehensive, independent product.

Wii Sports Resort is a more robust experience. There’s way more activities, there’s way more to do, and it’s more full-on software that you’re used to purchasing at retail at that price point.”

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