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No Man’s Sky is the biggest Steam launch of 2016

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is doing the business on PC, too.

Having shot straight to the top of the UK All Formats physical Top 40, the ambitious space adventure has also enjoyed strong digital sales.

We don’t know what the digital PS4 sales numbers look like, but PC Gamer has noted that Steam Stats numbers revealed that the game boasted 213k simultaneous players on its launch day (Friday August 12th) on PC. That’s almost 50 per cent more than any other 2016 launch.

2016’s previous top launch performers were Xcom 2 (133k), Dark Souls 3 (130k) and Total War: Warhammer (113k).

Of course, these numbers don’t compare to perennial Steam favourites Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The former routinely tops 1m concurrents and the latter over half a million.

Note too that concurrent players are not sales figures. Actual sales will be a lot higher.

That’s not to say that No Man’s Sky’s Steam launch has been smooth. The game has been plagued by performance issues that quickly led to a swathe of poor reviews at launch. Even now, some days later, the title has only a Mixed overall rating. It remains top of the Steam charts, regardless.

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