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No Peace Walker PSP bundle for UK

The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP bundle which hits the US and Canada on June 8th will not make it to UK stores.

Konami and Sony are releasing two official bundles overseas – a spirited green” PSP with the game, a 2GB memory stick and extra DLC, and a separate ‘Big Boss bundle’. The latter is a Gamestop exclusive and comes packaged with a 4GB memory stick, camoflauged PSP and carry case.

Both bundles are priced at $200 and also come with a PSN download voucher for the film 2012. They include a standard PSP rather than the PSP Go.

Konami’s UK marketing manager Rosemarie Dalton said: The bundle is not planned for the UK, but will not impact on sales at all.”

Peace Walker is the latest game in the popular Metal Gear Solid stealth series, and also features tie-ins from Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise.

Peace Walker will be released in the UK on June 18th.

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