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No PS+ required for Elder Scrolls Online on PS4

Bethesda has confirmed that PS4 owners will not need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play The Elder Scrolls Online.

PS4 is the first Sony console to require that users sign up to the subscription arm of PlayStation network to access multiplayer. However, it appears from CVG‘s report that this requirement will be waivered for MMOs.

Back in August Bethesda said that it was in discussions with Microsoft about also dodging the Xbox Live Gold requirement for the game on Xbox One, although at that time it had yet to successfully convince the platform holder.

There’s no indication as of yet whether that policy has since changed.

Both PS4 and Xbox One owners will of course have to sign up to a monthly 8.99 subscription fee directly with Bethesda to play the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due for release on PC and Mac on April 4th with a release on PS4 and Xbox One to follow in June.

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