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Team Meat to create new IP in follow-up to lauded debut

No quick sequel for Super Meat Boy

Team Meat has revealed that plans are already in place for a follow-up title to its critically lauded debut title Super Meat Boy, and that it will not be a sequel to that game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Team Meat co-CEO Edmund McMillen said: "There will be another game but it won’t be Meat Boy. It’ll be totally new.

"We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t talked about the next game – because we very much have. But thinking about it right now makes me want to stab myself in the stomach as hard as I can. With a gun."

McMillen also laid out the development process he intends to use for the future project.

"I can safely say we’re not going to hire more people," he said.

"I seriously doubt we’ll ever try to get a publisher deal as that seems like the most awful thing ever. That just means we have to have more people telling us what we can and can’t do with our game and that seems bad."

And the development of Super Meat Boy had left McMillen with a clear impression of the trials of indie development.

"We get five or six hours of sleep a day, max. As time drags on and you get sleep-deprived things get really crazy,” he said.

“I can’t even count the amount of times I had breakdowns and my wife had to convince me that I need to finish the game. For indies especially, to really make your dream game you have to sacrifice your life. We sacrificed a good 18 months of our lives for the game.

“The first payday is going to be awesome because I haven’t seen a cheque in like five years."

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