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No Skylanders movie or cartoon, says Activision

Publisher Activision has ended hopes of a Skylanders cartoon or movie.

Speaking to MCV, the firm says that the video game ‘is the entertainment’ and that the regular release of new toys is the best way to keep kids engaged.

Kids, when they see the new toys, it is a new form of content for them,” said Activision’s VP of consumer marketing John Coyne.

My own son, when he gets a new Giant, he naturally wants to go and play levels he has already played, but with a new character to see what it can do.

In terms of a TV show or a movie, no there are not any plans. We believe the game is the entertainment. You talk to kids who are real fans of the franchise, and they will be able to tell you Gill Grunt’s powers, backstory, what his friends are and generally what’s going on in the world of Skylanders. The same sort of things that they are able to articulate around a TV show or a movie.”

VP of Activision’s business unit Joshua Taub added: The video game is the movie.”

Skylanders has been a phenomenal success for Activision. The series was the biggest selling kids game in 2011 and 2012, and already – by combining toy and game sales – it is the biggest games franchise of 2013 across Europe and the US.

Skylanders: Swap Force is the next game in the series, and is due across multiple platforms later this year. You can read more from Activision on Skylanders in today’s issue of MCV.

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