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Nokia reveals its X Android phones

Finnish mobile giant Nokia has, following a prolonged period of rumours, revealed three Android-based smartphones.

The X, X+ and XL all use a Microsoft-centric version of Google’s OS and offers a number of other perks, such as pre-installed Skype with a month’s free call usage. The devices also hook up to Microsoft’s cloud servers instead of Google’s.

Indeed, the phones’ UI looks like Windows Phone 8, despite being Android-based, although there are telling signs of the Google engine powering the experience.

The biggest catch appears to be the restriction on using apps obtained from the Nokia Android store, although it is promised that hundreds of thousands” of apps will be available from the off.

Nokia also says that side-loading normal’ Android apps will be possible, although a bit of tinkering is required and compatibility is not 100% guaranteed.

The X and X+ both sport 4” screens while the XL includes a 5” display. The X+ adds extra memory and expandable storage to the X template. The handsets will be priced at $125, $135 and $150 respectively.

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