Those dreams of fighting in a VR war or fighting a dragon with your friends in a virtual world could be a reality

OptiTrack announce OptiTrack Active, a wide-scale 3D tracking solution, to be shown at GDC

VR outfit OptiTrack, who concentrate on 3D tracking systems, have today announced their newest product: the OptiTrack Active, a 3D tracking system designed to be used on large-scale multi-user VR experiences such as theme parks or VRcades — a term I’m annoyed no one but me is using — and will be showing the set-up off at GDC.

In a press release, OptiTrack have announced what powers the tech:
"set of infra-red LEDs synchronized with OptiTrack’s low latency, high frame rate, Slim 13E cameras, delivering real time marker identification as well as positioning. This differs from OptiTrack’s passive solution, which requires that reflective markers be configured in unique patterns for each tracked object. This can add a great deal of complexity for high volume manufacturing and large-scale deployments of HMDs or weapons. With OptiTrack Active over 100 objects can be tracked simultaneously over areas greater than 100’x100’ (30mx30m), while maintaining world leading precision and low latency."

This is an interesting prospect, because something like a large roleplaying experience or even a shooter could be made possible in virtual reality, with everyone playing in the same space. OptiTrack say they can support 500 identical HMD’s deployed at once, which now that I think about it is probably a few too many people to fit in a 30 x 30 space.

It’s exciting technology, though, and those looking to have a look at it can check out the showcase, using Oculus HMD’s, Striker VR weapons and MSI VR One Backpack PCs that’ll take place at OptiTrack’s booth (#2002) in the South Hall of the Moscone Center during GDC.

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