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Over 1,000 people made GTA V

Rockstar North has revealed a team of 1,000+ developers worked on Grand Theft Auto V.

In an interview with sister-site Develop, studio president Leslie Benzies confirmed the monster team that worked on what has since become the fastest selling game in UK history.

"It’s probably more, much more," said Benzies. It takes 1,000 people to make a game, that’s a requirement.

And that’s because of the size of the thing, we are modelling at such a minute detail. Once upon a time the car models have four moving parts. Now there are 15 alone in a car’s retractable roof. The detail is ten, twenty times greater than GTA IV, so it takes ten, twenty times more people."

Benzies also confessed that this now global production process across all of Rockstar’s studios has led to teams working on fellow titles.

"We don’t want 1,000 in one place,” he added. That’s the way we work now – everyone works on GTA, or Red Dead, and so on, then we move on to the next thing,” says Benzies.

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