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Over 300,000 consoles sold during Black Friday week in the UK

315,000 games consoles were sold during the Black Friday week.

UK retailers told MCV that it was PS4 that was the best-selling machine, with around 139,000 consoles sold. But it was very close between Sony and Microsoft, with Xbox One shifting almost 134,000 units.

Note that these figures run from Sunday, November 22nd to Saturday, November 28th. So Sunday and Cyber Monday figures are not included.

PS4 and Xbox One were both heavily discounted over Black Friday weekend. An Xbox One with Rare Replay and Ori and the Blind Forest retailed for as low as 220, and refurbished PS4s were selling for below 200 on Amazon.

PS4 sales are up 28.6 per cent over last year’s Black Friday, while Xbox One sales are up 23.3 per cent.

It’s a good result after what has been a relatively slow year for hardware sales. However, these numbers are not quite as high as some of the industry’s more lofty estimations.

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