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Over $90,000 added to the Capcom Cup prize pool thanks to crowdfunding

The Capcom Cup prize pool has grown by more than $90,000 thanks to crowd funded items introduced to Street Fighter V at EVO.

The Capcom Pro Tour DLC, which has only been available for a few months, boosts the prize pool of the Capcom Cup whenever someone purchases it. At least 30% of the revenue form the DLC will be added to the prize pool, with another 50% going towards the production of the event itself.

This extra funding has added more than $90,000 to the prize pool, which now sits at $342,182. The target for the final total is $400,000, which now looks almost certain, as the funding period doesn’t end until November.

Our goal is to have an impressive prize pool for Capcom Cup 2016 — the biggest in fighting game history — and we want our fans to know they had a part in helping us achieve that once we reach that milestone later this year,” said Neidel Crisan, Director of Digital Media & eSports at Capcom. In short, we did not create this content with the intention of making large profits for ourselves; we created it to help support the community.”

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