Overwatch unleashes Doomfist on the PTR

It’s Doomfist time.

Doomfist is a legendary figure in Overwatch lore, a big bad that used to rule over evil organisation Talon. There’s been a lot of speculation about both when Doomfist would appear, with many speculating that actor Terry Crews would lend his voice to the mystery character.

There’s also been some excitement for the prospect of a new character and by announcing Doomfist and making him immediately playable on the Private Test Realm, they’re sure to generate a lot of positive attention, in addition to shining a spotlight on other changes they’ve made, including changes to loot boxes and multiple other tweaks.

Also, Doomfist is a man with a er, a doomfist. All of his abilities and weapons focus on his meaty fist. He’s an offensive class character that fits well into Overwatch’s current dive meta, not shaking things up too heavily on that front, but giving you a frontline fighter that can harass and terrify enemy frontlines with high damage. Think Genji, if Genji had a four shot close range weapon that fired out of his knuckles.

Dot Esports has a great summary of his abilities, and we’ve included a video of him in action below. He looks brutal, and plays more like a fighting game character than a standard Overwatch hero. You know what though? That’s okay. It’ll be great to see how he affects the metagame when he makes it into the full game.

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