Full blown PS4 reveal before E3: reports

Sony plans to reveal more about the PlayStation 4 before E3, new reports have suggested. PCMag has heard from what it calls a source familiar with the Sony’s marketing strategy that the console maker is planning to reveal more details about the PS4 in either late April or early May. …

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New iPhone entering production this quarter – report

The new iPhone either has or shortly will enter production, according to new reports. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new model will be similar in size and shape” to the existing iPhone 5, leading to the conclusion that we’re most likely going to see an iPhone 5S unveiling. …

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OPINION: The negative trends that defined this generation

As we approach the next console generation, one of the major players has attempted to design its next-gen console to be more developer and consumer-friendly. How the PlayStation 4 eventually turns out remains to be seen, and we still don’t know much about Microsoft’s next-gen plans, although rumours have been …

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