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Pandemic closure official

Tweets from inside the company late on Tuesday illustrated the miserable aftermath of the shock decision. Drew Marlowe, a game desiger at Pandemic, tweeted, "It’s official, Pandemic is shut down as of today. Thankfully it looks like we are getting decent severance." He also posted the whiteboard picture accompanying this story.

An EA spokesperson confirmed that most staff would be laid off, and that company founders Josh Resnick, Andrew Goldman, Greg Borrud would be moving on.

Pandemic’s IP will, of course, remain as part of EA’s stable, with a small number of staff members being picked up by EA LA. Holly Rockwood, director of corporate communications for EA said, "Our intention is to keep the Pandemic brand active in EA LA."

Via Twitter, representatives from other West Coast developers have made tentative offers to laid off staff to come on board, including Gearbox.

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